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Want a Patent Very Fast? Contact a Patent Attorney

A patent attorney can provide you with the right guidance in case you are planning to get your precious idea patented. After all, you deserve the exclusive rights on your invention because invention is not a piece of cake. It involves a lot of experimentation, testing and strenuous hard work before you finally arrive at a successful result. You may have incurred many developmental costs in the process. Hence, you definitely do not want to expose your valuable idea to the risk of being stolen and misused by others. You can overcome this risk by getting your idea registered through a proper online patent lawyer. Learn more about patenting process atĀ

Whether Your Idea Needs A Patent

It is true that the patent law provides protection to the valuable ideas of the inventors. However, it is wrong to think that every idea can be patented. There are certain limitations. You have to prove that your idea is exceptional and it has not been created by anyone else before. If your concept is similar or appears to be a repetition of an already existing idea, then you will be denied of a patent.

A patent attorney will be useful in such circumstances. He will make a complete study of your idea and go through the illustrations and drawings thoroughly. He will conduct a search in order to confirm the novelty of your concept and then only take up the case to apply for a patent. Be specific in choosing the right person to advocate your case as these lawyers differ in the field of specialization. For example, a software patent lawyer can deal with your case effectively if your idea is related to the field of software.

Apart from the above factors, you have to consider whether your concept is marketable or not. It is pointless to incur further costs if your idea is not going to make any money.

Steps To Get A Patent

Applying for a patent and acquiring it is a lengthy process. You can apply on your own, but you might have to face a lot of inconvenience. You have to argue your case and prove the worthiness of your concept, which you may find difficult. It would be a wise idea to hand this process over to an expert patent attorney. An experienced lawyer will fetch you a one without much loss of time and money. Following are steps involved in this process:

Search: Before applying, the first and foremost step is to conduct a search regarding the originality of your idea. This can either be done by you or by a registered patent attorney appointed by you.

Application: Once you confirm the exclusivity of your concept, the next step is to apply for a patent. Different types of applications are available for different types of registrations. You can choose the option that suits your idea best.

Obtaining A Patent: The last step is to pay the required government filing fees as well as the lawyer’s fee and then receive the patent.

Generally, the process involved consumes a lot of time and it may take almost three years to get an idea patented. This is due to the heavy stack of applications at the concerned office. However, a patent attorney will make use of his expertise and save your time and energy from this dreary process. Find many more tips fromĀ too.


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