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Traveling through Spain to Morocco

Malaga, a dream tourist spot, is a wonderful place for spending quality holidays. It is the most beautiful city of Andalusia, Spain. The second most populous city in Andalusia, Malaga enjoys the sixth largest place in Spain. Being the capital city of Costa del Sol, the city is well connected to numerous other Spanish cities. Liked to the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar in east, and Africa in north, Malaga is the southernmost largest city in Europe. It has subtropical climate with warmest winters. The city is ideal for long as well as short break. And the city is great as a starting point to get to Morocco using the Strait of Gibraltar.  If this is your first time crossing the Strait of Gibraltar there is one great travel guide that will show you what is the best way to get to Morocco from Malaga the fastest, easiest and most affordable and enjoyable crossing of estreito de gibraltar.

The major cities in Morocco are Rebat, the capital, Casablanca, Fes, and Meknes. The country has a population that is estimated to be more than 35 million people. The official language of the country is the Arabic language and the most common religion is Islam with 98% of the whole population.

The word Morocco is a word derived from the Amazeeg language, the language of the tribes that were dominating Morocco in the past and it means the land of god. The climate in Morocco differs according to the region as it is Mediterranean in the North and desert like in the South, with the costal area having a nice moderate weather.


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