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Searching For International Movers Services on The Internet

If you have decided to relocate from Singapore to another country (or continent) in connection with your job, or any other reason, it is essential that you spend enough time on the Internet looking at international movers services. You have to try and find the best International movers Singapore┬áin order to avoid any number of hassles and mishaps you don’t want to face on the day of your moving.

Suppose you pick up an international moving company from the yellow pages, and on the day of your moving they send unprofessional staff with unsuitable packing materials to pack your most precious household items. Won’t it be very hassling?

If this weren’t frustrating enough, imagine arriving at your destination country to realize that you have to start looking for dependable international movers services to come to your aid and help you with customs clearance and delivery of the shipment to your new address.

Finding Reliable International Movers Services

You can minimize your search for international movers services to ones that have been in the business for ten years at least and have worldwide capabilities. Keep the following in mind:

  • They should have RIM, or Registered International Movers certification.
  • They should have OMNI, or Overseas Movers Network International membership.
  • They have to be members of FIDI, which is the largest independent global alliance of quality moving companies, and they should be ISO 9002 certified.
  • They must provide you with proper references from customers who have used their international movers services recently.
  • They must have received some good reviews online; but don’t rely solely on the review but use it only as a support when you make the final decision.
  • They should provide you with insurance cover. Find out what kind of insurance they are offering, what is covered and what is not, and ask to see a copy of the insurance documents.

When you have reduced the number of suitable international movers, ask for quotes from a minimum of three moving companies. You can fill in the form online and receive quotes from your screened companies who can move your possessions and furniture overseas.

Shipping your Household Items

Usually, most of the shipments are shipped as sea freight, in 20 or 40 feet containers. The container is usually loaded outside your house and sealed for transportation. You may not have enough cargo to require a whole container, in which case your goods will go into a groupage container which you will share with other people.

Using airfreight is usually not advisable because of the high expenses involved. But, if you are moving to a remote place where it would take a long time for your container to arrive, you may consider shipping some of your items which you may need urgently, via airfreight. These will be then packed for export and put in secure airline pallets.


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