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Increase Productivity by Organizing Your Life

As our work loads and ‘to do’ lists grow so does the pressure to keep up with the growing demands and maintain our personal productivity. At some point each of us needs to step up and take the personal responsibility to learn how to best manage our crazy schedules. Read further to discover a simple strategy that will serve to organize your schedule save time and increase productivity.

One of the best ways to increase productivity is to consolidate and better coordinate your efforts at every opportunity. Every day in almost every way each of us is looking for ways to make life easier and boost own personal productivity. It seems that every day more is added to our ‘to do list’ which leads to a negative impact on our personal performance. This growing frustration calls for a need by each of us to assume personal responsibility for developing some method or approach enabling us to handle larger work loads. Since we can not create more time the need to make better use of the time we got seems to be the answer. Let’s see como ser mais produtivo?

Here is a 5 step categorization process anybody can use to better organize their time, efforts and increase their personal productivity.

Determine Daily ‘Demands’

Take all those tasks and assigned responsibilities you are faced with and determine which need to be done every day. Simply categorize these as part of your daily chores or tasks and move on to the next step.

Determine Weekly ‘Demands’

Separate anything you are required or desire to do that is a ‘weekly’ necessity. Now you may have some things that require attention maybe one than just once during the week but not everyday. Assign these responsibilities to their appropriate day and move on to the next step which is…..

Determine Monthly ‘Demands’

Separate and categorize any responsibility that only requires completion on a monthly basis. At this point you likely will be contending with a smaller list of items from your ‘to do’ list. Are you beginning to breathe more slowly again?

Combine Any Related ‘Demands’

Now go back into every category you have created above and sort through each responsibility to find any that can be combined with another. For instance you may need to be at a particular location to perform a certain task well. If any other tasks can be performed at the same location as well schedule them together for completion which can really help boost your personal productivity. By ‘batching’ your tasks in this way you can make more efficient use of both your time and effort.


Take your newly organized work schedule for a spin and refine it as you see fit. Every time you make a minor adjustment you will only be increasing your personal productivity and efficiency.

With the hectic lifestyles and work demands everybody today is facing there is an ever present need to increase productivity. Due to these demands our personal productivity, as a result, is diminishing which in turn reflects badly on our personal performance. The need to find a solution to this ongoing ‘problem’ falls squarely on the shoulders of each and every one of us. By taking personal responsibility of the time we are allowed and organizing it we can make better use of our efforts. The 5 step process we have review here can be tailored and use by anybody to regain control of their time and improve upon their own personal performance.


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