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How Attorneys Help Inventors Patent Their Inventions

Going through the procedure of patenting your invention can be both confusing and arduous – especially if it is your first time embarking on the invention and patent services process. However, you can avoid any unexpected conflicts by closely following the right steps – and by hiring yourself a patent law attorney. By using the help of a patent lawyer and adhering to the correct patent services series of actions, one can successfully market his invention.

Before choosing to hire a patent agent to patent your invention, you must first conduct some research. Take a close look your invention’s current market. For instance, if you have chosen to create a new type of cellular phone, one should examine the current marketing and purchasing trends of cellular phones as described in the article at

Why are cellular phones so popular? – Convenience, popularity

Who uses cellular phones? – Practically everyone, from young children to the elderly

What features to people look for when choosing a cellular phone? – This can change depending on the demographics. Elderly people are probably looking for a simple, easy-to-use phone that is accessible, while younger audiences and teenagers are looking for extra features that offer convenience and entertainment

What makes certain cellular phones unique? Why are some phones more popular than others? – Certain cellular phones offer additional components and special abilities

Why do people buy certain cellular phones more than others? Which types of features are popular? When are buying trends at their highest? – Compare and contrast your invention’s abilities to similar popular products

Examine how many competitors exist, which companies are the most successful in the market, the manner in which patented products similar to yours are being sold, how much they cost and who is buying them. After collecting this information, you can compare your product to those of competing corporations and see how your invention compares. You will be able to list all of the similar qualities that your invention has, as well as the characteristics that make your invention stand apart from the products of the competitors. This will give you a general idea of what the retail price of your invention should be – and how to effectively market and promote your product.

After ensuring that your product is a worthwhile commodity in a capital market, you can choose to sell your invention to a larger company that creates items like yours or hire your own patent attorney and market your product yourself. Your patent lawyer will be experienced with situations like yours and will know exactly how to handle your patent services case. Some companies, like the InventHelp offer quality patent services and free initial consultations as discussed on

The patent services process can be somewhat slow and costly. This is why it is ideal to have a patent attorney consistently look over your patent law paperwork and any patent infringement forms that you are required to sign. It is crucial that you remain patient during this process. Do not hesitate to ask your patent attorney to clarify any matters that may seem confusing to you.


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