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Sarah Morrow – trombonist

Sarah Morrow entered the international jazz scene as the first female instrumentalist to join the Ray Charles orchestra in 1995. After a two-year tour with Charles, Sarah signed a record contract with French record label RDC Records in Paris. She moved to Paris and lived and worked there until 2013. During this time, Sarah recorded and traveled the world with many great names in Jazz industry such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, David Murray, Duke Ellington Orchestra, org Rhoda Scott, tenor saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis and Hal “Egyptian Bread” Singer, American All-Stars in Paris, Charles Mingus Tribute and Legends Funky Foley and Bootsy Collins.

Until now, Sarah Morrow has recorded four author projects, which together with the latest revolutionary Elektric Air 2006 pianist Robert Glasper recorded alongside Chris Dave’s drummer and Qmillion DJ’s adventurous and experimental project The Experiment for the first time.

Sarah has won numerous prizes and praises, wrote and produced many songs for the cinema and worshiped the world for her unique voice and musical talent.

Sarah is now the symbol of New Orleans R & B. Dr.John’s music director. More recently, this “Superstar Trombone” collaborated with Dr John at SKE Cts De Dat in a recent statement made by producer and arranger: Billboard, TAK and iTunes have entered the top spot Satch spirit!

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Jazz Saxophones

Saxophones are musical instruments belonging to the woodwind category. Saxophones were generally used in the military and in big orchestras, but are now found in smaller bands as well. They are generally used for big band music, pop music and jazz. A saxophone is as complex as a classical instrument and as unconventional as a non-classical instrument. People who play saxophones are called saxophonists.

The saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian, in the 1840s. Later, many people made their own alterations to the instrument. There are many kinds of saxophones but the most commonly used are: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones. The smaller alto saxophones are ideal for first-time players. The tenor saxophones are generally preferred by jazz musicians, especially soloists. The alto is the next preferred model. There are also vintage saxophones available.

Saxophones are generally associated with jazz music, but they are also suitable for classical music. The saxophone often complements the French horn since both of them have a similar range and timbre. Jazz saxophones use high-baffled mouthpieces. Their configuration allows the baffle, or ceiling, to be closer to the reed for a brighter sound. The sound should be bright enough to cut through the other big instruments in a band or an orchestra. The baffle and the tone depend on the shape of the mouthpiece. Those with larger tip openings allow for greater flexibility in the pitch for “bending” notes. This is very useful in jazz and pop music. Lower baffles and smaller tip openings make the pitch more stable and give a darker sound. This is more suitable to classical music.

The local music store, mail-order service, a private party or the Internet are popular sources for buying saxophones. The main aspects to be considered are the quality, service, price and the model. The Internet is a good place to find information about jazz saxophones, but it is wise to test a few of them before buying.

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The Evolution OF Rap Music

What most people thought is a fad that would soon pass away has emerged as an art form like no other. A part of the hip hop culture, rap is truly one of the most unique forms of music to hit the industry in this century. It transcends boundaries and gives an individual a way to tell his/her story. This form of singing gives more importance to the lyrics involved and the message being conveyed through them rather than the musical instruments being used. Even the simplest of beats are enough to make a rap song sound simply amazing!

This form of music finds its origins with the West African musicians who used to telling stories rhythmically, with just the beat of a drum for accompaniment. Folk artists from the Caribbean Islands were used to convey their stories in rhyme. These singing poets were the true pioneers who laid the foundation for the new rap songs that we listen to today! Modern day rap music owes its existence to these centuries’ old traditions.

When the hip hop culture hit the streets of the America in 1970s, a completely new form of musical composition started gaining prominence. This music took inspiration from the ancient African traditions and introduced a style that involved speaking and chanting of rhyming lyrics to simple beats that was just used to provide a basis for run the words over. The rhythm and musical instruments used were placed in least prominence in the song. What was more important was the messaged that was conveyed by the words. The rhymes used are considered to be one of the most sophisticated styles of poetry.

And this was how rap video music hit the American music scene. The subjects that the lyrics of the latest rap songsaddressed were some of the most controversial topics of the times. But rap music embodied a kind of openness and straight forwardness. It afforded the singers a means of speaking their mind and talking about issues affecting an entire community overall. The pioneers of hip hop helped this singing style in gaining popularity with African American people and soon rap music was everywhere! The street culture of America was completely influenced by the music and trends of this art form.

Today, some of the most successful artists in the music industry belong to this art form. In fact, rap is now featured in songs of other genres as well. Such is the popularity of new rap videos and songs that the charts are completely ruled by numbers belonging to this form. An art form that was thought to be just a passing trend has been around for almost 20 years now. It has stood the test of time and has completely changed the course of the music industry’s future. It really is hard to imagine what today’s music scene would be like if rap didn’t exist. Its popularity rages o­n with today’s artists such as 50 Cent, Ludacris and Jay-Z churning out hit after thought-provoking hit. The beat truly does go on.

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