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Care of Your Bonsai That it Stays with You a Longer Time

A bonsai can be the perfect add on for your home. It brings nature right within the sitting room and can also beautify your interiors. Like any living thing, bonsai trees do need correct attention to survive and grow well.

So if you are wondering como cuidar de bonsai, here are a few tips that will help you care for your bonsai.

Watering is necessary for all of the plants, same goes for bonsai. But, it is not only watering that is required ; the correct amount is also a very important consideration. For the bonsai, you must know the acceptable quantity of water that you must deliver. You cannot over deliver or under deliver water to the bonsai, just the correct quantity is needed. It is definitely a challenge.

Keep a check on the soil in which the bonsai is planted. This way, you can know if you’re delivering sufficient water to your bonsai or not. Ensure that the soil is neither too moist nor too dried. Also, don’t use a hose to water the bonsai. A hose delivers water to the plant at a high pressure that may even damage bonsai. Therefore it’s far better to employ a mister in the place of a hose.

Your bonsai won’t last long if it’s not been kept in the right position. You need to ensure that the plant is kept in a position where it becomes adequate sunlight. You can place the plant out of doors to be sure that it is getting sufficient daylight. In case, you would like to keep it indoors, keeping it close to the window would be a great choice. Also, you need to make sure that you keep the plant in a situation where the temperature and humidity conditions are ideal for expansion.

Like you are required to accept a carefully balanced diet for staying in shape and achieving healthy cholesterol levels, bonsai too needs proper nourishment for survival. You’ll find numerous manure in the market that are suitable for offering required nutriments to a bonsai. If you don’t know which manure to buy, you can take help from a bonsai expert.


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