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A Brief Look at Patents

You’ve designed a beautiful plush toy. You’re registering your copyright, as well as trademarks for your growing company. Do you need a patent too?

What is a Patent?

Like copyrights and trademarks, patents protect a creator’s rights to his intellectual property. But while copyrights cover the expression of an idea, through writing, art, or other work, and trademarks protect the ways you promote your business and protects an invention or discovery. There are three kinds of patents.

1. Design
Safeguards visual ornament which is either added to, or part of, a manufactured item. If your plush toy has an original shape, or decoration which is part of the toy itself, it might qualify.

2. Utility
Covers the way an invention works, or how it’s used. If your plush toy performs an original function, or contains a new sound device, for example, it may be eligible for this.

3. Plant
Is for new plant varieties developed with asexual reproduction; it probably will not involve your toy.

What are Their Functions?

They encourage inventors to make their creations available to the public. Think about it: if you knew your invention would be swept up by a huge conglomerate the minute it left your garage workshop, leaving you with no financial or legal advantage, would you share it with anyone? Would you devote time and resources to creating it at all? In the case of large companies, the expense involved in research and development would be hard to sustain if they couldn’t guarantee an income from their products or discoveries. Many new inventions, medications, and processes would never have seen the light of day if it weren’t for this type of protection.

Why Should You Patent Your Invention?

They protect your idea for a period of time, allowing you exclusive rights to produce, use, and market your invention. If, during the time it is valid, another individual or company duplicates your invention, you can sue for infringement, seeking damages, as well as an injunction against the defendant. However holding one also gives you the ability to license your invention to another individual or company who will pay royalties to use it. Learn more about patenting your invention from this article –

How Can You Patent Your Invention?

You are first required to search the Patent Full-Text and Image Database compiled by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, to ensure your invention is original. If so, apply for it online, supplying the necessary information and filing fee. You may need to appeal a decision, or assign ownership after it is granted.

Obtaining a patent is a complex process. You’ll find many companies claim to guide inventors through it. Beware! Not all are reliable; some are outright scams. Go to this blog to find the reputable company for your patent – Although you can apply for one on your own, it’s often best to hire an attorney to ensure you receive all the protection your invention is entitled to. This costs time and money; however, after all you’ve dedicated to inventing your unique plush toy, isn’t it worthwhile to make sure it’s protected?


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